The Australian
Business Case Network

As the nexus between academia and industry, the Australian Business Case Network is focused on enhancing student experiences and ensuring graduates leave the classroom with a broad set of work-ready skills

“...A lack of engagement with real-world problems by business graduates.”

What is the abcn?

Enhancing the student experience through a hands-on learning approach. The ABCN is a network of expert business academics and leading industry executives to produce the next generation of leading business professionals. Students can often lose the relevance of class material when they’re not applying these same content areas to everyday decision-making, resulting in a lack of real-world application and a missed opportunity to gain vital learns in personal and professional judgement, problem solving, and communication with others. Without applying course content to real-world scenarios, when students enter the workforce, they simply don’t have the skills, knowledge and experience to solve business problems. The ABCN addresses this by empowering students to apply the course material in a way that is enjoyable, engaging and memorable to equip them with the skills to solve real world business problems on their own. That’s what the case method forces students to do. 

The Australian Business Case Network is the driving force behind the case learning method in Australia, and is working to help produce the country’s next generation of leading business professionals.

Australian Business students
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Australian Cases Studies
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Improvement in course grades
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Aims of the ABCN


To provide training for Australia business school educators in teaching and writing academic business cases

ongoing support

To provide training and support to Australian business school educators in teaching with cases and writing high quality business cases

increase aus. business cases

To increase the number of Australian business cases written, strengthening the relationship between industry and academia

enhance graduate attributes

To enhance graduate outcomes in problem solving, judgement and communication by increasing the application of case teaching

Classroom Resources

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As well as providing ongoing support for online resources, the ABCN is also the nexus of peer-to-peer reviews and industry networking events, bringing together leaders in all areas of the corporate Australian landscape to foster enhanced teaching; furthered researched opportunities; and professional development for Australian business people

The Case Method

By working closing with industry leaders and academic professionals, the ABCN also aims to increase the number of Australian business cases written and, in turn, strength the relationship industry and academia, and outcomes for Australian graduates