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Industry Case Writing: Why?

The emphasis of the Australian Business Case Network is to enhance the employability of graduates by exposing them to business problems they will encounter once they begin working for you

Tens of thousands of business cases are currently being used in business schools around the world. However, only ~100 of these cases relate to Australia or Australian firms. The aim of the ABCN is to expose future Australian employees to business problems from an Australian viewpoint, equipping them with the relevant knowledge, insights and considerations before entering the workforce. We strive to strengthen the ties between the Australian industry, business graduates, and business schools. 

See students become knowledgable about your firm’s operations, corporate culture and more, all of which may even benefit your recruitment program or gain exposure to fresh new perspectives from students who have learnt from past managerial decisions. 

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What’s Expected?

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The main goal of creating a business case is to develop an effective teaching instrument for students. Therefore, the student will need to possess all relevant information that the key decision-maker had at the time of the case. Please note, consent of the industry is required before a case will be published so you will have final approval over what is written about your firm. While cases can be written using publicly-available information, students prefer the cases that are written from the viewpoint of a real decision-maker.

The amount of effort of an organization truly depends on the scope of the case. In general, a case will need to provide information about cost, investment and data related to profit. In order to maintain confidentiality, information can be changed in such ways that it is still relevant and realistic. It is important that the students be able to put themselves into your case and make decisions based on a real problem. 

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Apply your own expertise and experience to start writing industry-backed case studies today. Whether you’re seeking resources, have an idea you’d like to discuss further, or simply don’t know how to get started, contact the ABCN now for support

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If you’ve written a case study for your industry, and wish to submit it to the ABCN Leadership Team for proofing, attach your document below with additional comments if appropriate. 

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