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Case Research

Case Research

Finding “good” cases:

  • Check the best seller lists
  • Ask colleagues – local and elsewhere – for suggestions
  • Ask Ivey Publishing – they will work to locate possibilities
  • Read teaching notes: Can you see yourself making

Choosing the “right” case:

  • Positioning in a course outline
  • Discovery vs. Application vs. Reinforcement
  • Linking cases to previous and subsequent sessions/courses
  • Determining complexity, length, interest level, preparation time

Potential issues to be aware of:

  • Students cannot handle analytical work needed to make a decision
  • Students cannot connect theory to main case issues
  • Students cannot sort through the information in case
  • Students find case vague; cannot identify main issues
  • Students find case irrelevant or boring
  • Students find case unnecessarily long
  • Students find too much missing information
  • Students are put off by poor writing

Linking the case to educational objectives

Case Repository

Access some of the world’s best case resources, all organised for you on one simple page. Click below to start downloading cases now